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Pool Guidelines

Sports Pool Schedule

Sports Pool Schedules effective April 1 - September 30, 2022
Villages residents only

General Information

Learn about the rules and guidelines for each one of our recreation, sports and family pools.

Pools and outdoor facilities close at dusk (30 minutes after sunset).

In the event of an emergency, dial 911.

Please follow all posted pool hours, rules and regulations.

Note: No pets are allowed in the pool area.

If a staff member is on site, please check in with them. Please have your Villages ID or guest ID and photo ID with you at all times.

Basic Rules

  • Please shower before entering the pools.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the pool or surrounding edge.
  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas outside the pools.
  • All pools have a courtesy phone.
  • Appropriate swimming attire required.

All pools are heated during the cooler months. We strive for water temperatures between 81-84 degrees. Temperature will fluctuate depending on the weather.

Swim at your own risk.

Lightning / Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of lightning or inclement weather, the Recreation Department recommends patrons at pool facilities and other outdoor recreation areas find shelter and wait at least 30 minutes before resuming activities. The Recreation Department reserves the right, as issued by the National Weather Service or Public Safety Department in the event of tornadoes, hurricanes or other severe storm warnings, to close facilities for public safety. Visit

Family Pools

It is requested that children 36 months of age and younger wear protective swim products.

  • Running, horseplay and throwing of any objects in the pool or deck area is prohibited.
  • Noodles, unbreakable masks, goggles, and small plastic buckets are the only items allowed in the pool.
  • Please encourage small guests to take bathroom breaks.
  • Approved life vests are permitted. Infant and toddler flotation devices are allowed with adult supervision.

Sport Pools

Be sure to check the sport pool activity schedule before you go. Schedules are available in the Recreation News insert, on pool bulletin boards or by calling the center where the pool is located. Sport pools are designated for exercise programming.

  • All Villages sport pools are for residents only (age 30 and older).
  • All sport pool participants must have a current year’s signed activity release before taking part in any organized water activities.
  • All sport pool activities start at the top of the hour and finish 10 minutes before the posted end time. Pool will be cleared after each scheduled activity.
  • Lap swimming – all lanes in with no program leader. Lanes are for lap swimmers. Sharing lanes and/or circle swimming is encouraged with lanes are full.
  • Open exercise and walk – no lanes or program leader. General exercise, walking and swimming.
  • Combination swim time — pool has some lines in. Open swim area designated for water walking and general exercise. If space is available and lap lanes are full, area may be used for lap swimming. Lap Lanes are designated for lap swimming. If there are no lap swimmers after 15 minutes of posted scheduled time, lanes are open for use.
  • Water exercise programs – these programs are drop-in sessions that you can attend at your leisure and take place in both deep and shallow water. They are a great low impact way to get a cardiovascular workout and tone your body. There are numerous, volunteer led, sessions at all the sports pools. Work at your own pace matching your individual goals and level of fitness, skill and ability. For information on specific water exercise programs, please call the regional recreation center where the program is held. These programs are listed by the leader on the individual sports pool schedules.
  • Water Volleyball – offered in multiple skill levels:: Open, Basic, Intermediate, Adv. Intermediate* & Advanced * (*sign-up required). All scheduled level of play times (excluding open play) are organized – a staff member or volunteer ambassador will organize play. During organized play unused courts (vacant) must be made available to players from a different level of play. For example, during Organized Intermediate vacant courts can only be used by Basic, Intermediate Advanced and Advanced level players.
  • Open Group Play – there is no designated level of play. No courts are reserved & all courts are available for all to play on. Please abide by the courtesy rule for water volleyball courts so fellow residents have a play opportunity. A group consists of 6 players per team/minimum of 12 per court.)
  • Water Exercise & Water Volleyball programming may reach peak attendance/participation numbers allowed for activity. A staff member or volunteer will assist in passing out Peak Participation Program tickets 30 minutes prior to the start of activity on an as needed basis.
  • You do not need to sign up for sport pool programs. Special events and activities which require sign-up will be announced.
  • Pool equipment is available in the pool room at each pool. Please treat the equipment as if it were your own, and return it to its proper place when finished.
  • Please contact any of the regional center managers if you have a question.

Neighborhood (Adult) Pools

  • Pools for residents and guests who are 30 years of age and over.
  • Equipment is located in the pool storage closet.
  • Noodles, unbreakable masks and goggles are the only items allowed in the pool.
  • Residents that bring music to the neighborhood pools, are asked to please play the music at a level that they can only hear. The use of headphones or earbuds is preferred as to not disrupt other villagers that are there to enjoy the pool.

The Recreation Dept. strives to make the pools safe for everyone’s use and enjoyment. The neighborhood adult pools are intended for refreshing socialization and non-organized/scheduled activities. Regularly scheduled water exercise groups are encouraged to use the sports pool for this purpose. Please contact your nearest regional recreation center and we’ll get you started.

Categories of Recreational Activities

Lessons – This is the starting point to learn any of our activities. We love teaching and encourage you to take lessons before joining any league or organized play.

Open Play – For those of you who prefer to play an activity on your own. No courts are reserved, but are available on a first-come-first-served basis. If there is a posted courtesy rule, please observe it to allow fellow residents play opportunity.

Organized Play – For those who prefer to play with a group but cannot commit to participating every week. A director or volunteer will organize this play and no statistics will be recorded. Sign-up is not required.

Social Leagues – We will be glad to form a league for your friends and neighbors. A staffer will assign court times and set up a round robin play schedule if requested.

Recreation Sponsored Leagues Tournaments & Special Events – In an effort to keep competition fair and equal, all participants must be Villages residents, 50 years of age or older as of Dec. 31 each calendar year unless otherwise noted.

Check facility schedules posted on bulletin boards or in the Recreation News insert.

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