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Is seeking a volunteer to serve as an alternate committee member for  District 3. The required attendance for the alternate is to attend an ARC meeting each week for four (4) weeks and then monthly thereafter. The term for the alternate committee member is 3 years.

The applicant must be a full time resident within their individual District and have lived in The Villages for at least one year. Committee members are recommended to have education and/or experience in any of the following areas: architecture, ability to read site plans, residential/commercial construction, building management, deed restricted communities, landscaping, county code enforcement, etc; however, this is not required. The Committee meets weekly, on Wednesday mornings, for approximately 3 hours (8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.). If you are interested in becoming an alternate representative for District 3, click here for an application or contact the Community Standards Department , 984 Old Mill Run, The Villages, Florida, 352-751-3912.

Architectural Review

The mission of the Architectural Review Committee is to maintain the high quality and consistency of the aesthetics and design of the residences and home sites found throughout The Villages.

Whether it is a pool addition, landscaping, painted driveway, porch enclosure, coloring of walks and/or driveways, arbors, pergolas, trellises or removal of trees that are greater than four (4) inches in diameter it is necessary to submit a Modification/Alteration Form for approval.

Chapter 190 Florida Statutes authorizes Community Development Districts to adopt rules necessary to enforce guidelines for external architectural control. The Community Standards Department is committed to upholding the high standards of our community’s design, construction and aesthetics.  Architectural Review ensures every home modification is constructed of appropriate materials and built to complement the natural and man-made surroundings.  The Architectural Review process is purely administrative in nature.  The issuance of permits or variances is through the appropriate city or county building department.

You can obtain a building site plan from the municipality in which you reside by calling:

  • Town of Lady Lake Building Department                  352-751-1511
  • Lake County Building Department                          352-343-9653
  • Marion County Building Department                        352-438-2400
  • Sumter County Building Department                       352-689-4460

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us and staff will be happy to assist you.

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