Please note: Florida has a very broad Public Records Law. Most written communications to or from State and Local Officials regarding State or Local business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your email communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.
Please note: Florida law prohibits the Board of Supervisors from communicating with residents about Deed Compliance or Architectural Review issues/cases. Please contact the Community Standards Department directly at to report any concerns you might have.

How To Do Business With The Districts

The Districts welcome the opportunity to do business with interested vendors in the community and would like to foster participation by all qualified vendors who offer quality goods and services. Although competitive sealed bidding is the universally preferred procurement method in governmental purchasing, the District’s Purchasing Policies and Procures allow for a less formal process to be used on small purchases which are less than $25,000. These procurements often utilize competitive written or oral requests for quotes.

For most small purchases, the Purchasing Department will issue an authorized Purchase Order to a vendor which serves as the informal contractual agreement with a vendor to supply the Districts with the goods and/or services listed on the document.

To be a qualified vendor, you will be required to complete an IRS W-9 form, provide proof of licensing (if applicable) and may be required to show proof of liability, worker’s compensation and/or automobile insurance. Please refer to the “Insurance Requirements” page for more information.

All Service contractors and /or vendors who wish to contract with the District to provide services must first certify they have registered with, will participate in, and continue to utilize, once registered, the E-Verify Program (or any successor program implemented by the federal government of its departments or agencies) to verify the work authorization status of all newly hired employees employed by the contractors and/or vendors. To certify participation in the program, contractors and/or vendors will be required to sign an E-Verify Contractor/Subcontractor Affidavit.

For more information and to register visit

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